Nat Turner


Nat's Rebellion The Game


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Platform: All Windws OS
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: Your mission is to go from plantation to plantation, collect enough health and weapons to successfully beat the malitia without dying. This is the most requested video game online for a long time but nobody answered the calling to make it so we did. This game is jam packed with realistic landscapes and a couple different scenes that actually took place in Virginia 1831. This game is action packed and you will surely enjoy it.


Nat's Rebellion The Game

We provide really breathtaking scenes in the game that make you stop and think. You can look at the screenshot and look at what's going on. Unfortunately, these are some of the things Nat Turner got tired of and wanted to be free from it by any means necessary.

Nat's Rebellion The Game

This is one of the final screenshots that we displayed. This screenshot depicts the main slave master house (aka. The Big House). You can see in the screenshot slaves are walking around on the grounds. But these slaves are brainwashed so look out.

Nat's Rebellion The Game

This is a pic of the slave quarteers. 



This is a video of Nat Turner's history and an explaination of the rebellion that took place 8/21/31. Please share this video with your kids or share his wiki page to explain his story.


This game takes place in South Hampton, VA August 21, 1831. This game shows Nat Turner fighting to stay alive. You as Nat Turner must go from plantation to plantation and look inside slave huts or around the huts to get weapons or health. Meanwhile the local militia and armed troops are around and looking for you, so be careful. The plantation overseer's can also kill you. You also can't forget these slaves are crazy and brainwashed and they want to protect their masters lives and property and will kill you so be careful. You wanna make it to the armory and get the guns but its guarded so you have to figure it out. All I can say is good luck. The struggle still continues today.



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